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About us

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Greetings Visitor, I’m sure you are on the right page and absolutely with the right company to take your business to the next level. We are headquartered in Kolkata serving all the states of India, hence we are associated with Digital marketing india. We are an established company with unique combination of Creativity and Technology.



Our  experienced and expert professionals include seasoned project managers, experienced, innovative designers, certified Internet marketing professionals and obsessive QA testers. Our applications cover a full range of business requirements including complex digital marketing services, Social Networking, Database management, Internet marketing among many others. Google 1st page ranking over 400+ global clients across diverse business verticals. This trust is based on our reputation as an exemplary IT outsourcing and Internet marketing company among SMES, Multinationals and leading business houses. Choosing Unique digital promotions SERVICE would ensure you get your web promotion solutions and Internet marketing strategy developed by few of the best minds in the industry. Shake hands with us and see what we can do for you.


We have 8 years experience in digital marketing promotion and we feel some unique service and instant promotion is required, you can get business leads from variable sources like different business promotion portals, search engines but if you stop payment they also will stop your service and you will be no where as they are promoting their portal not your business, make your online presents today at unbelievable price tag which suits every business persons/ professionals specially those who start their business from scratch.

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We have experience of 8 years in Digital Marketing

Google First Page Ranking is a full-service digital marketing agency that works with companies, brands, authors and mission-driven thought leaders to advance ideas that matter. From digital PR campaigns to dynamic new websites and eye-catching design to social media strategy and campaigns, we bring every aspect of the process under one roof so that our clients benefit from a single, integrated approach.




The company’s team represents combined experience of over 8 years serving a diverse range of companies and industries. Digital Marketing India creates online strategies that target a client’s current and potential customer community. We build, engage and influence communities responsibly using social media, digital marketing, media/public relations and advertising. Digital Marketing India strives to make marketing and publicity effective and accessible to everyone. We love what we do, and we want to share our passion, expertise, creativity and sense of humor to support the missions of our clients. We want to be a catalyst of innovation and a vibrant leader in our industry.




Paid advancement on Face book Adding only $50.00 in advancement to chose Face book posts will radically build your cooperation. You’ll begin to see a noteworthy spike in correspondence when you help your post for a little spending plan. With Face book’s Edge rank Algorithm, the probability for a business to seem high in the news encourage is more improbable.


Email Marketing

On the off chance that you are a business that lone conveys one email impact for each month, begin multiplying this number and convey no less than two every month. Nordstrom conveys different email impacts EACH DAY! On the off chance that you have convincing substance that would be educational to the endorsers on your email list, enlighten them regarding it by means of email correspondences.

As per, email advertising remains the best computerized channel for ROI. Begin strategizing vigorously with respect to how you will make this for of on the web



Google Plus Promotion

Google+ won’t not pick up you that much communication on your online networking posts. This online networking stage assumes a critical part in site improvement on the confined level, which makes this an unquestionable requirement for advertisers in 2015.

The more audits you get, the more substance you post onto your page and the more devotees your get, the higher the probability

that you will begin positioning great for restricted inquiry terms.

You Tube recordings. Did you realize that Google claims You Tube?

By actualizing recordings into your web based advertising blend, you can begin to get web crawler introduction for the recordings that you transfer onto You Tube! There are a considerable measure of extraordinary traps to get more video SEO Exposure. Picking a legitimate title tag, transferring a transcript and implanting the You Tube video are recently a portion of the traps for ideal SEO introduction. Online video should be incorporated into your 2015 computerized advertising methodology as this type of rich media can be a distinct advantage regarding attention for your organization. Individuals will decipher your You Tube recordings that you are considering your promoting activities important



Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads have an average close rate of 15%, while outbound leads (such as cold calls or print advertising) have an average close rate of 1.7%. Having your website optimized for SEO is a necessity heading into 2015.
By having an SEO strategy in place, you can increase your leads and grow your business for next year.

Brainstorm a unique promotion that people will actually enjoy that can drive massive publicity for your company in 2015! Whether it is coming up with a user generated jingle contest or a photo upload promotion, entice your great fans on social media to interact with your brand in a clever way.



Pay Per Click Promotion

The normal cost per tap on Yahoo! Bing was 10% to 24% lower than on Google Ad Word. A lower cost for each snap can yield a lower cost for each procurement, which is the correct motivation behind why you ought to begin considering the inquiry arrange important that gets 11.6% of the piece of the pie this up and coming year If you are in a costly industry in the compensation per click world like the lawful calling, protection industry or restorative field, having a lower cost for every


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